About SHINee DIary

Anneyong Haseyo Shawols,

I am also a shawol like you. Shawol is the dearest name that SHINee invented to call their fans..! I’m in love with SHINee since 2008 and I’m still loving them until today. I want to share all the happiness and excitement about their comebacks, new album, new music video, new drama, and anything that all about SHINee here in my website shineefanslegacy.com

My website maybe not written in the korean language, but hopefully shawol from international can get the updates from this amazing Kpop group whenever they want. I also will give my point of view about their latest performance, fashion and what is each member, Onew, JongHyun, Key, MinHo and TaeMin are up to. They are so cute but so talented in Kpop. I’m so proud for calling myself a shawol.

Do you want to learn the korean language too? Well, I have some of it here. You can study a little bit and then you will be fluent from time to time. I have written fanfic too, and I will still writing about it. (When I have the new idea..!)

To all shawol out there, please love SHINee so much and give all the support in their career, no matter it is in the boyband or when they are having a solo promotion.

Love always,

Sabrinah Song JooRi

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