Our MinHo Updating Their Official Website and Saying Something About His Drama

MinHo Holding Flamers Gift
MinHo Holding Flamers Gift

“[From. Minho]
Because It’s The First Time

Really Thank You for today.. ^^
Today! My shoulder rose to the sky~~~
I’ll return it with a good drama !
Please look forward to it ~~~

Shawol.. Are always..
First to me! ….”

cr: shinee.smtown.com

He use it flamers!
This is the banner
This is the banner

At the “Because it’s the First Time” event, Minho’s fansites sent him a food cart and made a banner to cheer him up for his current drama shooting. The fansites were “Canusmile”, “Felicity”, and “Mr. Minho”

Aww…you Flamers are so sweet, take care of our MinHo okay? luv ya!!