Sneak Peak : Because It’s First Time Drama, Starring Choi MinHo


Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho) is a collge student, and he has childhood friend, Han Song Yi (Park So Dam) and other 4 friends. MinHo (Tae Oh) starts to fall for Song Yi, but MinHo another friend, Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jae) starts to develop feelings for Song Yi too.

Well, this is my prediction about this drama:

1.MinHo maybe have fight scene with Kim MinJae since they are falling with a same girl.

2.Park So Dam also try to win Choi MinHo.

3.MinHo maybe end up with the girl that he liked or he will not win anyone.

4.His fight with Kim MinJae will end up to no avail since the girl not going to choose either of them.

That is how I think. So shawols, let’s watch this drama okay?


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