OnTae couple story..! Still, Onew is the cutest!

At their IV SHINee World in Taipei, TaeMin tell his hyung, Onew about something.


TaeMin: Onew hyung, this is our 4th concert right?

Onew: You’re right, maknae..

TaeMin: I’m still looking as cute as before right, but hyung looks older.

Onew:(oh really…??)

Onew planning somwthing cute to do after the next performance.


Jonghyun: What are you doing hyung?

TaeMin: Are you trying to be cute, hyung?

Onew: I’ll show you who is cute now (hugging TaeMin)


TaeMin : Hyung..! I’m trying to say something to our shawols.

Onew: They can see us,they can wait anyway. Now whose cute?

TaeMin: You hyung, you’re the cutest..!

Now that’s what we called a cute leader.

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