Married to the Music???

Are you guys really marrying only music??
Are you guys really marrying only music??

Here we go again shawol. Actually I am really scared when there is a title like this in SHINee new album.
Previously, when SHINee have the number ‘Hello’, it is actually a confession song..! Jonghyun ah…!!! That time was over, but I still hope we are not going to be surprised with something like this anymore!

The keyword for today is married. Yes, I am married, and I hope that one day every member of SHINee will be married too. This is what I wish if one day they will getting married:
1. They will announce to us about their girlfriend.
2. They have to tell us how special this girl is and what is her background a litte bit.
3. Few months before the wedding, tell us about their dream wedding and the detail about the ceremony. We will send them wedding gift and flowers of course!
4. Tell us about their career plan in the future. Please don’t split up just because you are married!
5. If you (yes, you Onew, MinHo, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin) say that you want to leave SHINee because you want to focus to be a good husband, that is not a good idea!
6. If you, the future girlfriend/bride/wife/baby mama, want to marry our beloved SHINee and then divorced in the end, please.. do not ever try to do that.

Well shawol..let’s face it.. one day they will get married with their future bride. I want the girl to be kind, pretty and hopefully not from the entertainment industry! No matter what country she is, that is just doesn’t matter to us,right? Just as long as they will love each other, until death do they part. See, they are giving us a hint, by singing they are only married to the music. But that is so not true, I believe they will br marrried with their Dream Girl in the future!!

So be it, love our SHINee so much even it’s hurts!