Lee Tae Seong (이태성) Twitter Update (with Minho)

TAE_SAMA 백점만점오늘 너무추웠어요~ㅜㅜ트윗에팀글들이많은듯~
오늘은 순수청년민호와한컷찍었습니다~ 인터넷블로그에보면 저랑 민호렁 닮았다는분들계신데 닮았나요?
느낌이 비슷한거같기도하고 팔로워분들의 판단에맡기겠습니다
“‘100 Points out of 100‘ Today was freezing ㅜㅜ I took a picture with the innocent gentleman, Minho. On blogs, there have been many people who have said that we look alike. Do we? It kinda feels like we do, but I’ll let my followers be the judges.”

You wait for me to release SHINee with twins part 2,right? (태성씨, 샤이니의 Twins Part 2 기다리죠?그죠?)
Credits: 이태성’s Twitter