SHINee’s Minho’s is more than a SHINeer~

Recenty, SHINee’s Minho together with Miss A’s Suzy and B2ST’s Yoseob filmed a parody of a funny commercial where a long-haired guy is mistaken for a girl. After watching the parody, fans commented that they are even more excited for the drama “Pianist” as Minho’s acting was really good.

“KBS Drama Special: Pianist” stars SHINee’s Minho and actress Han Ji Hye and the drama will air on 4th December.

Check out the parody here!

Cr: jujugal718 @ YT + Liz @ dkpopnews


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  1. Shawols, we’re trying to trend Choi Minho & #happyFLAMINHOday becoz it’s his b’day, don’t u wanna congratulate him? the topics were no. 2 & 4 but now Choi Minho is 8th and #happyFLAMINHOday is not trending anymore 😦 , we need more tweets, FIGHTING!!

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