The 2010 Golden Disk Awards will be broadcasted live online in Taiwan,
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Korea.
Please vote for your favorite singer and song. Asian Fan Voting Results
How To Vote
* click 2010 Golden Disk Awards here
* Voting Time : Nov 22(Monday) ~ Dec 6(Monday) 24 :00
* Candidates : Korean pop star who have performed from Dec 1st 2009 to Nov 30th 2010 in Asia.
* Winner : Winners are decided by results from Asian fan voting and points from committee

* How to Vote
– Users can vote only one time.
– After checking the box below the candidate, click ‘vote’ button.

SHINee-Lucifer is in 3rd position so far!
Shawols, no matter where you are, lets get together and vote for our beloved SHINee in 2010 Golden Disk Awards.
Lets do this as a present from us to SHINee, and make them to be number 1 in Asia! (and International!)



  1. It makes me really sad. I really thought Lucifer would do extra well and some of my friends and I tried so hard to make a difference in the voting by posting stuff and all that jazz but I guess it didn’t work. We can always hope for a Christmas miracle!

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