SM The Ballad’s Jonghyun and Jino to release duet teaser for “Don’t Lie” ft. Super Junior M’s Henry

This is not a ballad number too, still R&B.. hm..where is the ballad JongHyunnie?

Fresh off the release of their teaser for the track “Hot Times”, SM The Ballad will be back for the song “Don’t Lie”. The song will be a duet with SHINee member Jonghyun and newcomer Jino as well as the rapping talents of Super Junior M’s Henry.

“Dont Lie” features an electronic piano and has a warm feel to the song, showcasing a thick bass and deep vocal chorus. The song will be of the “neo-soul” genre. Combining Jonghyun and the charming vocals of newcomer Jino, Super Junior M’s member Henry helps the song become even more attractive with his rapping skills. Henry will be rapping in English for this song.

SM The Ballad will release their first album “Really Miss You” on November 25th. You can pre-order it on YesAsia.