SHINee Onew receives lots of love even when he makes a mistake when hosting.

During the broadcast of MBC Music Core on the 20th , MC Suzy introduced SNSD’s final stage. Following that, Minho gave an update on the recent knee injury of SNSD’s Tiffany as well as some well wishes for her to get better soon. At this time, Onew made a mistake by introducing SNSD’s last stage again. Shocking all 3 other MC, who were all staring at Onew. It was only then that Onew realized what was going on and said “It’s SNSD!” wittily diverted the situation.

After the broadcast the audience left messages like “ Onew hosted really well today”, “It was even cuter due to the mistake”, “As compared to the mistake, is it because the song name was not introduced thus wanting to do it again?” and more encouraging comments on the site’s message board.

There were also comments like “Creating a topic because of a small mistake, looks like Onew’s popularity is very high.”, “As an MC, it was an success”, “It’s a proof that he is highly noticed”. These were some comments made in response to Onew’s mistake.

On the other hand, the broadcast included BUZZ, Orange Caramel, Beast, Kara who have their comeback stage and 2NE1 with their goodbye stage.

source: TV Report | original article here
credit: dkpopnews


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