SM Entertainment artists support exam test takers

“Hello, this is shining SHINee. The exam is right in front of our noses! It’s here! You must do well, 500 points out of 500. Please get into the college of your choice and spread your dreams far and wide. We hope that you receive great results and will be supporting you. Until now, it was contemporary band SHINee, thank you. Fighting!”

“Hello, we are Super Junior! We heard that the college entrance exams are coming up. Our test takers, re-test takers, and multiple test takers! We know you’re anxious and nervous, what tips can we give them?

I saw students carry chocolates to the exam. Yes, due to fatigue, they’ll eat chocolates mid-exam.

Yes, here is Super Junior’s tip to doing good on your exam. Take chocolate! We hope you are met with good results, along with luck!

Test takers, fighting! We are Super Junior!”

“Hello, this is f(x). Hello~ The college entrance exam will be on November 18th! You must be so nervous! Still, fighting! Us f(x) will encourage you so please do well. Fighting!”

“Hello, this is SNSD. All of the test takers, there isn’t much time left until the exam date. We hope that you get into the college of your choice by giving the exam all you got! Our SNSD will support you. Right now is girls’ generation! Exam jackpot!”