SHINee’s Onew and Min Hyo Rin appeared in SBS’s ‘Doctor Champ’ finale

SHINee’s leader Onew and actress Min Hyo Rin appeared on the last episode of ‘Doctor Champ’.

The last episode of SBS’s drama, ‘Doctor Champ’, aired on November 16th, and Onew played a clumsy doctor under the command of Kim Yeon Woo (Kim So Yeon).

Meanwhile, Min Hyo Rin had the role of a beautiful nurse.

Nam Tae Jin PD stated, “Despite everybody being extremely exhausted from overnight filming, thanks to Min Hyo Rin, we were able to continue shooting until the morning after.”

Then was rocker Ondrew and now Dr Onew~ haha ^^

Source + Photos: TV Report


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