Kim Heechul, Key, TaecYeon are “Girlgroup’s BFF”, causes fans’ jealousy

Famous girlgroup’s BFF, causes fans’ jealousy. the idols who cause the fans’ jealousy are no other than super junior kim heechul, shinee key and 2pm ok TaecYeon.

Heechul who is from same company as snsd,boa and f(x) shows up his friendship with girls by uploading the pictures on twitter, etc.

After 5 years of absence from Korean stage, boa made a guest appearance on Kim Heechul’s radio Program, Youngstreet. Kim Heechul and SNSD yoona was fixed guests on the same program, SBS Family outing season 2. Heechul also known as f(x) Sulli’s cloase friend.

Following Heechul, shinee key also revealed his friendship with girlgroup member. not a long time ago, he posted photo of himself with f(x) victoria and sulli to shinee’s me2day. shinee key also close with kara nicole who is also in 91 line.

2PM Ok taecyeon also comes from a company with many girlgroups, such as wonder girls and miss a. And also, along with SNSD Yoona and 2AM Jokwon, they formed “nuts meetup/nuts club”

fans envy them for their closeness to the girlgroup members but the fans keep giving good responses to this

Source : Newsen