Onew and Minho leave taiwan for Music Core

SHINee had to make do with two members short yesterday, as Minho and Onew go jetsetters and fly back to Korea for another activity.

SHINee is currently in Taiwan for promotion events for album Hello, but in between these activities, members Onew and Minho had to leave to fulfill their freshly-minted duties as MCs of MBC Music Core.

Taemin, Jonghyun and Key assured fans not to worry about the other two’s attendance in the fan meet event, and attended more interviews with the Taiwan press. Jonghyun noticeably mum when their song Hello was likened to a sweet love confession, in efforts to put out the fire on his relationship with Shin Se Kyung.

The three had a chance to go sightseeing at the Taipei 101 Tower afterwards, revealing with a laugh:

“Because the fans and production staff all know that we like to eat Xiao Long Baos and drink Pearl Milk Tea, so for these few days while we are in Taiwan, we have been drinking at least 2 cups of Pearl Milk Tea a day and our stomachs are all filled with Xiao Long Baos.”

All five members are expected to be at their first ever Taiwan Fan Meeting, where a member will be performing a Mandarin song as a surprise for fans.