New KPOP best friend, Onew+LeeJun

Lee Joon revealed his date (?), not with a female celebrity, but with SHINee’s Onew. Lee Joon “Not long ago, Onew and I were at Apgujung, eating curry and riding bicycles. Onew and I have similar personalities” speaking about the difficult environment that he and Onew faced.

“Of course as celebrities, it is good to be able to digest the schedules well but it was too hard and there are times we receive stress mentally. For me, while I was shooting KBS 2T ‘Jungle Fish 2′, I received stress thinking, ‘Will I be able to do well?’. Onew too, in his recent musical ‘Rock Of Ages’ at the starting course, due to his busy schedule, couldn’t take part much in the practices and it was difficult for him. We want to do well but when the people around don’t see that, it is upsetting. I think we became closer because we experienced similar situations of difficult schedules. “

Source: dcinside
Translations: lalaland@soompi


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