SHINee to host fan party in Taiwan and take over the subways!

SHINee is hosting a “Hello Taiwan first FAN PARTY” in Taipei this coming Sunday, November 7th.

Tickets for the fan meet sold out in seconds due to SHINee’s explosive popularity. They are scheduled to arrive to Taipei Thursday morning at 11:00AM TST (Taiwan Standard Time) and will be heading straight to show recordings. As this is their third visit to Taiwan, SHINee is no stranger to Taiwanese variety shows. They are scheduled to appear on “100% Entertainment”, “Super King”, the singing competition show “One Million Star”, and others. They are also the first ever South Korean artist to participate in “One Million Star”, one of Taiwan’s biggest shows.

SHINee will also follow their label-mates, Super Junior and SNSD, in a Taiwan MRT(subway) “attack”. The MRT will be posting the latest photos of the five shining members on 300 subway cars. There will also be 6 designated special VIP SHINee subway cars, covered with 72 various individual and group photos so that fans can enjoy seeing their favorite idols every day commuting to and from school. The promoters also noted to fans, “don’t be surprised if you run into SHINee in the MRT.”

Ah?JongHyun? How is your ankle? can you go to taiwan?

Source: Chinatimes and Cpopaccess
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