Calling all the SHINee fanbase owners,admins and shawols!

Hello there.
First of all thank you for spending your time reading this from me.
I’m the owner of SHINee Diary, and I’m also one of you, being a shawol for our beloved SHINee.
The reason I’m creating this blog is just because I love everything about SHINee,and so with my friends, and since I dont have so much time to talk with them everyday about our favourite Idol,I decide to put everything I know about SHINee here so my friends can check it out, and stay updated about SHINee.

I know that right now SHINee World are like hitted by a worst kind of catastrophe.
And I dont want to mention all the catastrophes that keep emerging day by day.
But, I want to express my regret about shawols actions that succumb with just less than 5 rumors out there that been made by media, and the exaggerate action for it from the shawols were the worst part!

Please accept the facts that SHINee is a celebrity, and they are just human being. So why if they are having gf,wife,family,even kids? They are working as a musician,singers, and we as a fan love their art work. So when they decide to settle down,have a gf or family, let them be. They are also like us, wants to be happy. Why are we need to be so heartbroken about it?
What is your main reason to be a fan of SHINee? Ask yourself about it.

If SHINee is being honest, and tell us about their private life, we should be happy, because he is sharing something important of him to us. That is what we have to do,be happy for it. And,if SHINee is been attack by stupid rumors, all of shawols need to stand up and protect them. Just ignore those rumors, just say ‘i dont care, I will support SHINee no matter what’, and dont do anything to make it even more worst. We dont want any bad rumors stay in the air for a long time. Because SHINee is still performing, still attending concerts, tv show, radio show, so, can you please think for a while what will they feel when the shawols not be there supporting them in a hard time like this? How sad is that..

So I’m suggesting to all SHINee fanbase owners and admins to consider only SHINee real,proven and true stories will be publish in our fanbase pages. Because all the shawols will refer to us if they want a new update about SHINee. If we posting all the rumors story out there and serve the shawol readers with that, so the rumors about SHINee will never going to end. Lets work like we usually did before. Spreading the love about SHINee in their pictures,video,news about their album,songs,concerts,future schedule,tv shows,radio shows,magazine,CF and me2day. Please stop publishing any bad rumors that clearly just an out come from another speculation.

And for the shawols, who are still studying, please dont let this to bother your studies and exam. A life of a celebrity boyband is nothing but debut-popular-very popular-go to acting-involve with rumors-dating a girl-getting married-getting old-solo career-disband-reunion and greatest hits. Thats all, its just the same everywhere. We cant expect SHINee to be just SHINee from what we knew 2 years ago, they will keep on improving in their career and personal life. That is what you need to have in mind and realized. I know if you’re falling in love with them because they are looking so cool,handsome,cute in their image,songs and dance, and nothing is wrong if you’re falling in love with them like that. But it is totally wrong if you’re mad at them when they are destinied to be with somebody else untill you neglect your study and fail in your exam right? Why dont you just act like ‘Oh? Lucky him for being so happy in love now’ or ‘Oh? Im far more better than her, but, good luck anyway!’ see? You choose ^^ All of us should keep on loving and supporting SHINee as SHINee right? That kind of love is the ‘special’ one between an Idol and fans. Think about it. In a hard time like this, with all rumors and haters, only true family,friends and especially SHAWOLS can always be there for them to keep them secure so SHINee can work well, perform well, eat well, sleep well and rest well! Once again, think about it.

Besides, JongHyun is still under treatment with his injured ankle. Why not all of us ignores those rumors and focus to his condition? we better wishing him to be better and get well soon than reading all rumors about him and crying at home.

So shawols, actually the career of a boyband, how famous they can be or vice versa are actually in the fans hand. If we still want SHINee to be around for a long time, show the world how strong we are as SHINee World. Right now, you know what to do, right? ^^ I choose SHINee to be my no 1 Idol from all of Kpop, Jpop, Pop, you name it, that exist out there. So I will always support them ’till the end. I’m not going to publish any rumors story that I found about them in my blog because I dont want to encourage the situation to let the rumors stay longer in the public. I only going to believe something that out from SHINee members himself.

SHINee Onew,JongHyun,Key,MinHo, and Taemin, Fighting!!

사.계.후 , 사.계.한
송주리 of SHINee Diary.



  1. i agree w u…i happen to be like shinee bcoz of their work…n liking onew is super bonus…so just ignore the rumours,we don’t want any of that happen don’t we….SO…SHAWOLS…..HWAITING!!!IT’S TIME TO BE TOGETHER TO PROTECT OUR #1 IDOL…,

  2. I totally agree with this, rumors are just rumors. And even if they appear to be true, I would still support SHINee!!


  3. I really… really agree with
    As a shawol we must give support to all shinee’s member in any condition

    Love Shinee forever….
    Shinee fighting!!!!

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