SM Entertainment blocks all outside contact with SHINee and SNSD

After news of SHINee’s Jonghyun dating actress Shin Se Kyung were confirmed and received explosive reactions, SM Entertainment has begun blocking all outside contact with SHINee.

SHINee will be making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on October 29th, the first public appearance for Jonghyun after his relationship was disclosed to the public. SM Entertainment acknowledged the amount of attention being put on the group and prepared cautious measures to shield the members by having vans wait outside the studio exit in order to quickly move the group as soon as their rehearsal was completed.

Unlike other waiting rooms, busy and full with artists and staff members alike, the waiting rooms for SHINee and SNSD remained empty. Despite this being SNSD’s comeback stage, SM Entertainment has barred reporters and fans from reaching both groups.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “Jonghyun’s relationship has been completely exposed. We are being careful so that the story does not attract more attention.”

credit: allkpop

So,SME trying to tie SHINee and SNSD so their dirty plan can continue? SHAWOLS and SoShees already smell that. They will believe their Idols with all of their hearts. Its obvious for you (SME) to ask them to keep shut. We will still by our Idol side forever.



  1. Urgh! Sometimes feel like strangling SME up!!! But I know that SME has created wonderful popular groups like SHINee and SNSD. But now SME is doing this?! Oh come on -.-“

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