Shawols non stop supports for SHINee @ Music Bank via KBS World TV Twitter 29.10.2010

Shawols all over the world are get together and show their love and support to SHINee in any ways that possible.
Today,in KBS World website SHINee Fans as known as Shawols keep on sending their message of supports to their favorite Idol to perform better in Music Bank. Even KBS World TV@ twitter highlighting the viewers to send their request message for 2pm and Gummy, but the supports message for SHINee keeps on pouring in and majority the messages that been shown in KBS World website since 3 hours ago are from the Shawols.

some of the shawols says:

@kbsworldtv SHINee, fighting! No matter what happens, shawols will hold onto the roof for you! Do cute hello dance ~ ^^ saranghae!

@kbsworldtv SHINee, your make all of us love Korea and Kpop! Do a cute Hello dance! We, Shawols, love all of your! 샤이니 Hwaiting! Saranghae ~

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] no matter what happens, Shawols always right here by your side…Jjang hwaiting..

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] so much love going ur way, i’m sure ur receiving all of it now, plz let it shine through the performance ^^

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] Please always give us shining performances! WE love you all..Onew,Jonghyun,Minho,Key & Taemin, Hwaiting! [ryu,malaysia]

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] no matter what happens, i’ll always suport u guys. keep the faith..ur smiles make our world better.. jjang @ fan from Malaysia

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] no matter what happens, i’ll always suport u guys. keep the faith..jjang @ fan from Malaysia

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] don’t forget to wave, wink, smile *shawols are watching your performance worldwide*

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] Shinee worlds are only belong to SHINee! we always LOVE n SUPPORT SHINee! hwaiting

@kbsworldtv [SHINee] no matter what happens, SHINee world is right now, right here by your side oppa, rest a lot! Fighting! =D

all of the Shawols are doing the best as they can to help SHINee to get through a hard time right now. Long Life SHINee and Shawols!

source:KBS World, KBSworldtv@twitter, shawols@twiter.



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