Just for our beloved SHINee especially JongHyun..
We, the Shawols are here to show our never ending support to JongHyun.
JongHyun and SHINee, 우리는 너를 많이 많이 사랑해요!!! 항상 사랑해요!

Name : Arunramfa
Country: Cambodia
Comment: Jonghyun oppa!! Pls be the long last couple ok? Don’t make us disappointed. Take care her, love her like us love you ok? Saranghe ❤ Jongkyung hwaiiting!!!

mira syafiqah:
jonghyun , i’ll support u forever ! SHINee fighting ! XD

hey jonghyun wish all happiness ❤
and stay strong and i support u ^^
so be happy 4ever XD

Mahirah Mahdzan:
Jonghyun, Pls Stay Strong.
Im Happy for You.
Im Your Biggest Fan Here. 🙂
Love ya~
SHINee jjang!

name: nabila
chukhahae for your relationship^__^…hope both of you happy always…all shawols always supporting your every seconds, minutes, hours, days…we always support you…so jealous seeing you got lover first although we’re at the same age…can you introduce someone to me^___^…don’t bother about the hateful comment…just go on with your relationship…you better treat her kyung too..treat our bling bling nicely too…better stop here^^

Aigooo… I forgot to write down my name.

Name: Adilla
Country: Malaysia
Comment: No matter what happen, i am and will always be a true and proud Shawol. This chaos will fade later so Jonghyun, HIMNAE!!!

Kai Min:
Omg JongHyun ! I Will Support you always!! <33 JongKyung! Everyone Must love them too! JongHyun Hwaiting!!! <33333

Name: SakuraDeSlayur
Country: Malaysia
Comments: I hope Jonghyun and Sekyung are happy together. I am happy. I wish for all Shawols to not bash but be happy. If Jonghyun is happy then I am 🙂 Please Shawols. Don’t disgrace the Shawol name by bashing on Sekyung, she did nothing wrong. It can’t be helped that he’s in love with her 🙂

Jonghyun, ShaWols just got surprised. 😀 It takes time for it to sink in. I was too surprised that I couldn’t even react. Don’t worry about the haters, Jjong! THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHING IF YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR SEKYUNG! I’ll be happy if you’re happy! ♥

uri dongseng-i fighting. lets enjoy your age, with some love story. i always support u. but u must do the best for your career and your relationship. im happy for u. (dyana- indonesia)

Name : RINA
Country : Australia
Comment : What ever happens i will still love you Jonghyun . God created womens for mens . No one has the rights to tell you when to date and who to date . I will be happy with what ever choice you chose . SHINee stay strong for each other . I am honored to tell you that i will support you guys till the end no matter what .

Ummie Fathiah 이태민:
we as a shawols n blingers should pray the best for this couple. pray for their happiness..:P
jonghyun seems happy right now so we also should be happy for him. n the most important no matter what happen dont ever2 stop loving and supporting our love SHINee because shinee has shine our wolrd n shinee also has meet us up become a great shawols. dont because of this true love between jonghyun and se kyung we need to make a group anti shinee or jonghyun. he's also a human being and he also needs love like us. soo just be happy if our shinee happy…:P
fighting shinee!! fighting jonghyun!!..♥♥♥

Enara Juliette:
i love SHINee…i always do…no matter what happen…that can't change anything..jonghyun, u have to be strong & shawols here will support happy with ur juliette…as long u r happy..that's enough for me….SHINee fighting!!

comment: what ever they said……!! SHINEE ALWAYS SHINEE..,^^

Name: Fanny
Country: indonesia
Comment : wtf,i'llbe one to love SHINEE

Takizawa Chizuru:
congrats ya #jongkyung couple! uri jjong is growing up now! kkkk~ :') SHAWOLs, please support them! true Shawols will never leave uri jjong (become anti) #westilllovejjong

Nira Johar:
We shawols, shinee's fans, we should be happy for him cause he finally has a girlfriend and she's his ideal type too.. Our Jonghyun reveiled his relationship just after a month because he trust us, he didnt want to lie to his fans.. so lets be brave shawols, tonight we can cry all night(well we deserve to) but we're happy for you jongie..♥

Name: Fazyda/Zyda ^^
Country: Malaysia ~ ♥
Comments: Jonghyun , supporting you no matter what happen ^^ , hope you happy with your choice , Shin Se Kyung unnie is pretty , take care of her ~ ♥ And don't forget Key , hehe , we SHAWOL loves youu ^^ BlingBling Jonghyunn ^^

Tya Puji Lestari 김기범:
a little happy .. a little sad ..
sad cz it turns out gay scandal Jonghyun key is wrong
hepi cz I also love jong

Name: puii
Country: thailand
i love u so jjong!! my puppy i promiss i support u forever "PuppY" Fighting
i and SHW will beside u…. i just want to see u happy just that i happy too ^^ "hwaiting puppy"

name: mediana…..
country: indonesia….
comments:i'm really2 happy about jonghyun's news ….hope jongkyung will happy forever….we will always support you….^^ everlasting love…♥

name: zara
country: malaysia
comments: congratulation jonghyun you already have girl..take a good care of her..~~we always support you..if you happy we happy don't worry to much.. the important is keep yours bling bling shinee.. 🙂

Jonghyun oppa, what ever you do that you loved that what you do… We always support what you do… So please dont be mad about your fans do, not all of your fans like that… There is so many from your fans will support you…

Name: eka
Country: indonesia
Comment: i'll always love shinee,,jjong chukhae,,

name : Adistia
country : Indonesia
comment :
I agree with jongkyung . no matter how hard is it for me T.T
I'll always love you XD
just do ur best !
fighting oppa !
we will happy if u happy XD

country: indonesia
coment: ah.. Confused ('',)
love u pa… *Key~
ah.. Jjong XP… I.m alwayz support u.. Love.. Love… Key oppa XP… Hih jjong.. Keytaeminhojjongonew.

my name is syazana azri.. im from malaysia.. message is: we will always supprot you no matter what happen.. you deserve a great happiness like us all… so be happy and always remember true fans of SHAWOLS are always be by your side to support all of you.. LOVE SHINee forever.. ^^

Name : Kisszxc , Country : Singapore , Message : Jonghyun ! Even though i am a locket , i will always support you and sekyung 🙂 Don't forget Key too yeah ! Saranghae ! SHINee hwaiting ! <#

Name : Chan Shi Qi , Country : Singapore , Message : Jonghyun, stay happy! As a SHAWOL, I'm supporting everything you do. Unlike some other SHAWOLS who ain't as happy and are leaving you, you still have us (: You also have your privacy and stuff, so you don't need to care about what others think! Even if the other fans turns against you, I'll not. I will continue to support SHINee ♥, no matter what. So stay happy with Se Kyung and last long! ♥

Ain Natashia 샤이니 :
We should open up for them..and should be happy for Jong hYun to show that we always support him..but still, its hurt~


source: SHINee Diary, MISS SHINee@ FB, Miss SHINee & Korean Language For Shawol @ FB



  1. jonghyun take care of her ok !!!!!
    i totally support you and i’m very happy for you 😀
    We shawols will always support you and other shinee members 😉
    fighting bling bling !!!!!!

    love from France ❤

  2. Jonghyun, I think you and Shin Se Kyung are a cute couple 🙂 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take care of her and love her. Me and thousands of Shawol’s will continue to support you, love you, and protect you. I hope you live a happy life with Shin ^_^ Fighting! 🙂

  3. Jonghyunnnie Oppa! Please continue to shine like how you used to be 🙂
    I’ll always give you my moral support which will never end .
    And lastlong toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *^^*
    I still love you like how i used to be . No less but even more! (L)

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