MBC Music Core 2010-10-16 ep. 230

Special MC’s : Shinee’s Key & TaeMin + miss A’s Min

♬ Comeback stage

2PM『Dance Break + I’ll be back』

♬ Goodbye stage

BoA『Copy & Paste』

Son DamBi / 손담비『Queen + dB Rider』

♬ Hot stage

2NE1『Can’t Nobody』


BEAST『Soom / 숨』

BEG’s GaIn『Irreversible / 돌이킬 수 없는』

♬ sound-holic

SE7EN『I’m going crazy』

miss A『Breathe』

Double K(feat. Lyn)『Playa Love』

♬ Volume UP stage

FT Island『사랑 사랑 사랑(remix ver.)』

Co-Ed / 남녀공학『Too late』

♬ New Song

Norazo by Lee Hyuk / 이혁『Calling You / 널 부르다』

Beige / 베이지(feat.MtoM’s JungHwan)『Falling In Love With A Friend / 친구와 사랑에 빠질 때』

Jiggy Dogg『Have Been / 됐다고 해』

Broadcast starts around 4:00pm KST. Use the Time Converter to find out when it starts in your local time.
HQ Stream (1000kbps): http://kpopflash.net/stream/
LQ Stream (500kbps): http://kpopflash.net/lq-stream/


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