Jonghyun’s leg got injured after KIFF Concert

Credit: @tamicchuu @ Twitter / JongKey_Alert @ Twitter

Here is some of the stuff going all around the internet.

[Unconfirmed News] Jonghyun’s Injury & SHINee in Indonesia SituationThese are some UNCONFIRMED eyewitness accounts going around on twitter of what happened with SHINee in Indonesia right now. Don’t completely put your faith in these quotes, but this is what everyone is worried about right now. We’ll update you as soon as we have solid proof.[EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT] “yes, I saw it, at the airport he tried to walk but can’t, so the manager gave him a piggyback, I didn’t heard anything about tae fell, but key almost fell when he’s leaving the venue, onew didn’t get thrown by water bottle, but someone grab his hair and he was so mad that he punch the bus window TT_TT”“Jjong ankle is injured,when they got off the bus at airport jjong was being carried by their manager”

via @shelzyHae on twitter

Because of this incident, SHAWOL INDONESIA are gather up and will post an open apology for SHINee even that was caused from a few people with unknown shawol status.
To SM Entertainment, hope this incident didn’t take them off sending SHINee to be in Indonesia again.
SHAWOLS are well mannered no matter which country they are from and will be keep on showing love and support for SHINee.




  1. these pics really just hurt jonghyun’s pride.. you shouldnt have followed him inside and take pics of him getting piggy-back. you even posted these pics online! he’s embarrassed, you can tell just by looking at these pics, he doesn’t want to be taken pictures in a situation like that.. d’you know that??
    you hurt him, really.. :'((

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