SHINee TaeMin-My ideal type is a girl who’s like a sunflower..

On the filming of KBS ‘Happy Birthday’, Taemin revealed on what he looks in a girl.

He said, “I look at a girl’s personality before her appearance”.

He also said how her ideal type needs to be “My ideal type is a girl who’s like a sunflower, always looking at me.” Like the sunflowers only turn to the sun, Taemin referred to her ideal type as someone who focuses on him.

MC Lee Soogeun then asked him who was a cast member closed to his ideal type. Taemin chose Jung Siah, the wife of Baek Yoonshik’s son, Baek Dobin. He revealed, “It’s nice to see her praising her husband and being so proud of him, which shows that she sincerely loves him.”

The show will air on November 11th at 11:15PM.

태민이,잘한다~ ㅎㅎㅎ 너의 팬들이 항상 너만 봐~

Source: Nate



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