SHINee Fan Party in Taiwan this 07 Nov ’10!!

(All): Hello everyone, we are SHINee! [Chinese]
(Onew): Hello, I’m Onew [Chinese]
(Taemin): Hello, I’m Taemin [Chinese]
(Jonghyun): Hello, I’m Jonghyun [Chinese]
(Minho): Hello, I’m Minho [Chinese]
(Key): Hello, I’m Key [Chinese]
(Onew): OK. Finally, SHINee is going to hold a fan party in Taiwan!
(Jonghyun): Fan Party!
(Onew): Yes
(Jonghyun): It will be on Nov. 7, right?
(All): Yeah!
(Jonghyun): We are promoting “HELLO’ in Korea presently. Therefore, the topic of our Fan Party is also named right?
(Onew): That’s right
(Jonghyun): What is that?
(Jonghyun): I would like to give you guys a mission.
(Minho): What mission is that?
(Jonghyun): I hope everyone who comes to our party can say “Hello!” to the first one you see
[[demonstrates with Minho]]
(Jonghyun): Although you may feel embarrassed, I hope you can say hello to other people. It will gets all the people closer, so I decide to assign this mission.
Hello!! [[to Onew]]
(Onew): Hello!
(Jonghyun): I hope everyone can do like this.
(Onew): Yes, that will be good if everyone do this. Besides, we will do some special performances then, please wait and see. Just come to meet SHINee on Nov. 7!
Please come~
We are contemporary band
(All): SHINee!!
Thank you!!

video and translation credit: lilianwang0406 @ YT


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