MinHo is comeback to ‘Gee’ music video again!

Our Charismatic MinHo is starring in SNSD music video once again!
SNSD currently doing their album promotions in Japan, and their music video for Gee Japan version is featuring SHINee MinHo.
Please watch the music video below, and check out how is MinHo doing in there!

by the way, enjoy the original gee too~ See any difference in our MinHo?

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  1. i just don’t get it!!! first, “tell me ur wish” and now “Gee”, like japanese fans never heard of these songs before; don’t they have anything more recent to promote? even though they’re so successful and the language is different but i can’t keep listening to them like when i first heard them in korean, move on ppl!! and Minho… well, what can i say? he’s a SHINee member, uri Go Mi Nam idols ^^

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