We need to watch MBC Everyone ‘Super Junior Leeteuk And Yeseong’s Love Chaser’ to see Key’s lookalike boy~

SHINee’s Key has been perplexed by a boy student that looks like him, who has turned up suddenly during Key’s schedules.

Key said that, at the recent filming for MBC Everyone ‘Super Junior Leeteuk And Yeseong’s Love Chaser’, a boy student who looks almost identical to Key appeared and surprised all the members of SHINee.

The boy student who resembles Key has very similar eyes to Key’s and has Key’s hairstyle from when he was promoting Lucifer. He even danced to SHINee’s songs perfectly and shocked not only the members of SHINee but other people too.

The members showed their excitement, saying “Isn’t he your real twin brother that you’ve been hiding from us so far,” “How can he resemble you so much if he’s not your twin,” “The chance of syncronisation between Key and him is 99.9%,” etc.

show us hows he looks like then!

Translated & Credits:Lorah@dkpopnews.net