Onew Star Call 101007

Trans :
Hello everyone, I am SHINee’s leader Onew
Our repackaged album has been released
This time our song is a good listen right?
…Of course its the best…hahaha
It’s good if it is like this
This time, I have something to recommended to everyone
“A good way to spend the weekends”
So what is it?
If you want to spend the weekends well…
For me, I’ll watch movies, read books, eat well
Like this, relaxing and resting.These days I have “isn’t it good to spend a relaxed and rested weekend” type of thinking
Everyone have a interesting interesting interesting way of spending the weekends right?
Please remember to give SHINee lots of love
Thank you everyone

source MayKyNim YT
translation:Erica Ooi@FB