Minho & Key starcall (subbed)

Minho) Hello everyone, I’m SHINee Minho
(Key) Hello~
(Minho) Yap, finally…
(Key) Finally~
(Minho) The repackage album of Lucifer
(Key) Lucifer~
(Minho) Had been released!
(Key) OH?
(Minho) You guys are expecting that, right?
(Key) No~
(Minho) So do we……NO?
(Key) Hahahaha
(Minho) We’re also excited because we shows different images of us after Lucifer
Thanks for all of your support, and please keep on supporting our repackage album
Besides, we’re preparing now
Please expect other members’ new look, you will see their new images!
Please expect!!
Thank you

credits: SHINeeXLucifer on youtube


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