Key Star Call Message – Video translated~

Hello, this is Key. Uh, yes, it’s a bit, how should I say this, chilly autumn has arrived. A season during which to see a new image has come. Yes, should buy clothes, right? And, how should I say this, whenever it is autumn this style appears, such as wearing only khaki colors, that type of… autumn colors! People wear those types of things often. But I think that it is also very good to wear whatever you want to, regardless of the season. I will suggest this to you. Don’t just wear those types of things because it is autumn. This autumn’s~ trend! Not caring and wearing whatever you want… isn’t it. It’s just my recommendation. Oh, and also, our casual style which you all want to see, please send a lot to UFO Town. I will make sure to take note and wear it. Yes, please tell us a lot, our casual style that is good for autumn. I miss you all. I’ll be going now, bye.

* There are points where I can’t make out what he’s saying clearly, so there may be a couple minor mistakes.

Credits: PuppyJJ0ng @ youtube
English Translation Credits: live laugh love @ Soompi