SHINee does not consider B2ST as their rivals

SHINee recently shared their thoughts about promoting alongside B2ST.

Before their KBS ‘Music Bank‘ stage performance on October 1st, they had an interview with AsiaE, where they said “SHINee and B2ST, we are not competing against each other.”

They continued, “Our goal is to show our fans a different side of us through our title track ‘Hello’, from our re-packaged album. That’s why we don’t think of B2ST as our rivals.”

SHINee also laughed and added, “The feel of our song and our outfits are very different from B2ST’s.”

SHINee and B2ST both made their comebacks this week on Music Bank; SHINee with ‘Hello’ and B2ST with their title track ‘Soom‘ from their 3rd mini-album ‘Mastermind‘.

Source + Photo: AsiaE