SHINee Hello is a remake from 2008 J.Cates-Holla

사실은, I love both versions of this Hello Holla!

Vid: LoOkieItsNgOc @ YT



  1. 사실은, i can’t blame Shinee ^^, i only blame the composers
    this have been ongoing since k-pop started, i mean look at Insomnia (Weesung & Craig David), Under my skin (DBSK-Mirotic & Sarah Connor), Deal with it (Shinee-Juliette & Corbin bleu) and now this song… seriously, the list is soooooooooo long and this has nothing to do with the group, composers most of the time sell their music to more than one artist to MAKE MORE MONEY not caring about the conflicting result, PFFFFFF
    sometimes, k-pop version is waaaaaaaaaaay better like Mirotic & Juliette for example and sometimes it’s worse like Insomnia… anyways, that’s the industry, all we can do here is encourage SHINee all the way…. fighting!! =D
    p.s. sorry for the long comment 🙂

  2. what is guide song? could u explain it? i’ll tell the ppl who make such a anoying comment. ^^
    actually i dont really care bout remake song or whatever. Shinee perform was cool at Music Bank. i love it.^^

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