KBS Music Bank 2010-10-01

** Hot Debut Stage!! **

남녀공학 / Co-Ed “Too Late”

** Comeback Stages!! **

Kim BumSoo / 김범수 “Passing by / 지나간다”

J.Lim / Lim JeongHee w. 2AM’s JoKwon “Road to Breakup / 헤어지러 가는 길+Would Never Be Real / 진짜일 리 없어”

BEAST “Mastermind+Soom / 숨”

** Overlap Stage!! **

Shinee “Hello”

** Today’s Music Bank!! **

Cha MinKi “What do you Know? / 니가 뭘 알아”

Bohemian “Love Letter”

Deevine “BAD”

Sori w. NACO “You Aint By Style / 넌 내 스타일 아니야 Remix ver”

SunMin “Rainbow Bridge”

Dalmatian “Round 1″

Seo YoungEun “The Day You Melted Me / 너는 날 녹여”

VOS “Full Story”

San E. w. miss A’s Min “Tasty San / 맛좋은산”

Moon JiEun “Hibbye Hibbyo”

Oh JungHyuk “Heart is Beating / 가슴이 뛰잖아”

Sistar “Shady Gurl / 가식걸”

Secret “Madonna remix ver.”

FT Island “love Love Love”

2NE1 “Go Away”

BoA “Ctrl C Ctrl V”

Broadcast starts around 17.50 KST
HQ Stream (1000kbps): http://kpopflash.net/stream/
LQ Stream (500kbps): http://kpopflash.net/lq-stream/



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