SHINee holds the authority in SM

Eunhyuk: “The ones holding the
authorities in SM are the SHINee juniors.”

Super Junior’s
Eunhyuk said on broadcast “SHINee holds the
authority in our company.” On MBC Chuseok
special broadcast on the 24 th September of “
Happy Day”, the theme of “Idol Stars of Republic
of Korea, conquer the world” covered the SMTown
concert in LA and Shanghai.

In the beginning of
September, Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho were
seen joking around in a friendly way at the airport
before their concert in LA. Suddenly, Eunhyuk said
to the producer “The ones holding the authorities
are the cute magnaes” and continued “Recently,
Minho is in trend, (therefore) I can’t do anything
to Minho. (SHINee) the juniors are the ones
holding the authorities in our company.” Leeteuk
agreed with the statement as well. Simultaneously
at the broadcast of this day, Leeteuk stated with a
laugh “Because the performance is in America, I
prepared an electronic dictionary in order to be
able to speak good English.”