SHINee’s Y Generation September Issue Interview

Shining idol group SHINee is now on the cover of Y.Generation September Issue! At the same time they have accepted our exclusive interview which includes answers to many questions that everyone is curious about, mainly about their comeback and how they changed from boys to men within a short period of time.

Member Key could not suppress his excitement to talk about his hairstyle, he was publicly recognised as the one with the most change in hairstyle as well as appointed as the most natural member in variety programs. Jonghyun and Onew participated in writing the lyrics in the new album, Onew was also mistaken as someone with many dating experience because of the lyrics! Minho described the process of the 12 hours hardship they faced while filming the MV for Lucifer, and also apologised to SHINee World for not being careful and injured himself, causing worry for the fans. Also according to the screams and shouts they received, all the hyungs nominated Taemin as the most popular member in Japan.

This is our exclusive interview with SHINee:

Q:Everyone says your new hairstyle is trendy, do you think it suits yourself?

Key: Actually I had the idea for this hairstyle since one year ago, however it did not match our concept then. Many people was also sporting this hairstyle at that time, so I was a little worried if I could bring something new to everyone. However right now, after the album was released, many people started having this hairstyle too, I was pleased. But now I am worrying again, what hairstyle should I do for the next album? (laughs)

Q: When in Japan, what kind of reaction did the fans had? Who has the highest popularity in Japan?

SHINee: Many fans said we changed into mature young men in one short year. Minho was also called ‘ The Second Kim Hyun Joong’. We think Taemin has the highest popularity in Japan because when we had activities in Japan many fans will scream the loudest when he appears on the big screen!

Q: Lucifer seems to be a powerful song!

Jonghyun: Our second album is not what everyone thought, we actually started preparing it after we recorded our second mini album Juliette instead of starting on it after Ring Ding Dong activities. Some of the songs were recorded one year ago. As compared to our first album, this album is definitely more attractive!

Onew: Till now, we have not had a simple song yet because we had to fit our image of a contemporary band. Even if there are complicity and difficulty in recording, we still tried our best to show the best to everyone. After you listen to each song in the album, you will constantly find a new element. So I hope everyone will keep listening to our songs and constantly finding new elements! Our second album has a diversity of songs that will make you feel like listening to them again and again!

Key: As compared to our previous hit songs, Lucifer is really more powerful. Moreover, we spent a long time preparing for this album! The whole album has not just shown a young side of SHINee, it also shows how mature our image has become. This is also the most beautiful time our life! Ended our rookies days and maturing, this shows that we should work even harder in our performances and aim for higher goals and targets!

Q: Regarding Lucifer’s MV, what do you have to say?

Minho: During the process of filming in order to get the best results, we talked to the director many times and exchanged our views and ideas. In the end, the whole filming process took 12 hours! Maybe everyone have not noticed, but because we really filmed for a long time, so if you are attentive you may find that some dance movements in the MV were not the same.

Jonghyun: Yes! Lucifer MV took the longest time to film, out of all the MVs we filmed before. There were many equipments and individual shots. We filmed for 12 hours, after that we were all dead-beat! If you look at the MV carefully, our dance is actually not in line. (laughs)

Q: How did everyone find your lyrics composition?

Onew: People who looked at the lyrics all thought I had many dating experience, haha.

Q: Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for two songs in the album while Onew wrote for one, how did you feel after that?

Jonghyun: I wrote the lyrics for two songs in this album and . I am very happy to be able to participate in writing the lyrics, because my piece was chosen among many others that was submitted, so I feel a sense of achievement! This is really meaningful to me, and members also participated in the composition of the rap as well, which was mostly describing love. Onew wrote the lyrics for , despite he had already underwent many trainings for lyrical writing, he was still very strict to himself regarding his piece.

Q: How did you felt when you wrote the lyrics for the first time?

Jonghyun: My first time writing the lyrics was for Juliette, I finished it in one night but when I looked at it the next day I was a little embarrassed. However when it was matched with the melody, it sounded great!

Q: From this album, what can fans look forward to?

Jonghyun: This really is a question that we have not thought of when preparing this album! After we decided the concept of the album, we wanted to place emphasis on letting everyone learn more about the specialities of SHINee. From days to Juliette’s weak image, all these were not what we wanted to show but was to comply with our concept. So this time we are showing our stronger and more manly side, but it is not just a concept as it is our real image.

Onew: This is actually a learning process, we have matured a lot!

Q: Who changed the most after your comeback?

Taemin: I think Key matured a lot more. As compared to the first stage, he really grew a lot. We are always shocked at his performances when he goes on variety shows, he is always so natural.

Minho: Appearance-wise, Key changed the most. I feel that he became manlier too. This is because he is attending university now, and is closer to people of his age. From an artiste point of view, he can get along well with everyone in the company. When we have outdoor filming, he is always saying jokes making everyone happy.

Q: When you found out that you won first place in music program after two weeks, Onew cried right?

Minho: Even though we won Best Rookie Award and first place for our first album before, but when Onew cried when Lucifer won first place, we were all shocked.

Key: I don’t know why he cried but it was so unbelievable, so I cried together with him too. But it felt good.

Onew: It was during a long and empty period of time, I was thankful because of the fans’ earnest support and love, so I cried..

Q: In this album, was it your intention to bring a mature manly image into this album’s concept?

SHINee: We need a change! This album is the first time all of us have contributed in hairstyles, clothing and songs!

Key: Like putting on black eyeshadow and eyeliner, wearing tight-fitting netted outfits and bleached jeans, all these are part of our contributions for the album’s concept!

Q: After SHINee debuted, a lot of younger hoobae artistes also debuted. How does it feel to be a sunbae?

Jonghyun: Now we have started to meet hoobaes at tv stations. We are still embarrassed when we face hoobaes, there are also a lot of hoobaes who are older than us, so I amstill finding it hard to get used to it~

Onew: At first it was still quite confusing, but now we are starting to realise that “We’re already a sunbae”!

Taemin: Now there are a lot of 94’line artistes starting to become active on the entertainment industry, so recently there’s a number of boy groups whom are high school students. When I see them it’s just like looking in a mirror to the old me, and I’m even addressed as “hyung”. Even though I’m still very young, but I’m starting to experience the feeling of being a sunbae~

Q: Are there any member in SHINee who has the biggest difference on stage and off the stage?

Key: Every time you can see Onew’s shy smile on tv but he’s not like that once off the stage!

Taemin: Even though Onew hyung is a model student and kind hyung, but in reality he’s very comical and four dimensional. He will suddenly burst out into laughter in the car followed by randomly shouting “bat” and begin to imitate a bat…

Q: Key has mentioned on his webpage that he wishes to go on a holiday, any destination in particular?

Key: It is summer now, the temperature is very high and very hot. I want to go somewhere cooler for a holiday. I really like to go to Japan, also to the beach for sunbathing and having a good time with friends! This album’s promotional period is during summer so the summer promotional activities are really hot! We will work hard during this summer, please support SHINee!

Q: Are you still mindful of people saying that all of you “are slimmer than ladies”?

Jonghyun: Of course we hate it! The truth is, our weight is much more heavier!

Q: To Onew who has the most musical experience, what attracts you to musicals?

Onew: To be able to breathe together with the audience while performing a musical, this is the charm of musicals! It feels great because the audience can give you a direct feedback.

Jonghyun: After seeing Onew’s performance, he did really well, very meaningful!

Q: You guys have been together before your debut, it has been 5 years now, so do you know each other very well?

Jonghyun: For 5 years, we know each other too well, so even if we don’t talk…

Onew: No, we still have to talk!

Q: What is SHINee’s unique charm?

Onew: To be able to show a lot of facades to everyone, this is our biggest charm! To see us maturing little by little, to let everyone know we can do this and also do that, to be able to face up to a lot of challenges!

Q: We saw your photos with BoA sunbae, you seem to be getting along well?

Key: BoAsunbae has been active in United States for a while so we don’t bump into each other, very happy to be able to do promotional events together in Korea! We have become closer now through chatting. I like BoA a lot since young and I feel very honoured to be able to stand on the stage together with a famous sunbae. I will work hard too, Boa sunbae has been very kind to me, I’m really very thankful to her!

Q: Do you guys like to get close to nature?

Onew: Actually, it’s not a bad idea to be able to live on a farm and be self-sufficient. The other members grew up in the city, so they are not interested.

Minho: If “Invincible Youth” invite us, I believe the most hardworking member should be Onew! For Jonghyun, he’s already not a tidy person, so for him to do farming, I guess nothing will be done!

Q: What is SHINee’s biggest dream?

Onew: Our dream is to be a good role model for all boy group hoobaes, it will be even better if our music can become part of the pop culture, we want to introduce to the world the best Korean music, this dream has not changed at all.

Q: Who are your inspirational artistes?

Jonghyun: Michael Jackson is the most inspirational to me! I also like T-Pain and R. Kelly.

Onew: I’m more inclined to old pop songs, so my favourites are Stevie Wonder and Elton John!

Key: To me, those inspirational artistes do not release albums as nobody can surpass their music, for now it’s a pity for the music industry. If I have to chosse an artiste, that would be Lady Gaga!

Q: What is your life motto?

Onew: To be able to have all types of experiences, one must always pursue something new.

Taemin: To believe in yourself and work hard, to always stay positive!

Minho: Never give up no matter what you encounter!

Key: To be happy!

Jonghyun: To be understanding from all aspects!

Q: Minho accidentally got hurt before your comeback, do you have anything to say to SHINee World?

Minho: I couldn’t perform on comeback stage due to my knee injury, I’m really sorry to our fans. I torn my muscle, need a very long time to recuperate, but it’s better now. I will bear with it for the fans, please forgive my carelessness. SHINee World is our world. Our world revolves around them. Really appreciate our fans’ love. If I can bow to everyone of you, I will do that. “Thank you very much” may not be enough but I hope the fans can take it to heart, we really appreciate everyone, so thank you!

Q: We feel that Minho’s injury has recovered faster than expected.

Minho: It is recovering faster than expected because I managed to receive professional physiotherapy treatment through my dad who is a football coach, so it recovered very fast. I was very cautious in the beginning, not to do strenuous exercise but within my limit.

Source: YGeneration + ONEWTIEBA
Translator: oMew + veyonce
Chinese – English Translation: Kylene@WRS
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