2PM and SHINee have their variety show reunion on Fantasy Idol Star Couple

Back in 2009, when both SHINee and 2PM were bright-eyed rookies ready to take on the K-Pop world, 2PM hosted Idol Army with Boom, (he needs to come back from the army, variety is so boring). SHINee guest starred on the show as one of the only male guests which led to a hilarious episode.

Jonghyun and Minho from SHINee and Junho and Nichkhun from 2PM will finally reunite on the variety show, Fantasy Idol Star Couple. According to fan reports, Minho and Nichkhun wrestled on the show and Jonghyun and Minho danced to Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl.”

Source/Credits: Sunny Kim @ mtvk.com