SHINee’s handsome leader,Onew,recently revealed the truth about his love life to TV Daily.

Does Onew have a special lady? Does his song “Your Name” reveal her true identity? This is what fans really want to know and TV Daily discovered the truth.

TV Daily had a chance to interview the talented singer and stage actor on the filming location of StarHwabo. They asked him the following question: ”How do people respond to the lyrics of your song ”Your Name”?

Onew replied,”They think I’m experienced in dating”.

TV Daily then added, “Do you write about your own personal experiences?”

The singer shared the following:

No, all my experiences are indirect.My favorite movie,Love Actually,inspired the lyrics I wrote for the song.I desire to imitate the sketchbook proposal(from the movie) for the woman I fall in love with…..Ignoring the affair aspect,it’s romantic.By watching romantic movies,I’m able to experience the feelings I haven’t felt yet and long for the things I wish to do.

This story is very touching! Fans have a chance to peek into the heart of their favorite celebrity and support them even more. We hope he finds happiness and love soon with the woman of his dreams!